Center for Flowers, Ornamentals Research and Development, formerly known as the Department of Flowers, Ornamentals (under the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute) has lead and implemented many scientific tasks of state, ministry and grassroots and has achieved the following significant achievements:

            * Investigated, assessed the production situation and collected gene funds of some major flower breeds (orchid, peach blossom, apricot blossom, lily, gladiolus, trumpet lily, gerbera, dahlia, roses, daisy, the decorative potted flowers...).

            * Conducted studies selected, and successfully created many flowers of different categories: Gladiolus (ĐL1, ĐL2, Red 09), Rose (VR2, VR4, VR6), Daisy (CN07 - 6 ), Gerbera (Piton and Sawana), Lily (Sorbonne, Acapulco, Belladona), Trumpet lily (Fourth quarter trumpet), Orchid (LVR2, LVR4, Lan Hồ điệp Tiểu Kiều Tím, Ban Mai Hồng), Anthurium (small anthurium HCM-04), Peach blossom prospects (QC1, QC2), Apricot blossom (golden Yen Tu apricot blossom), Dahlia (potted dwarf dahlia TDL-03, TDL-05), Carnation, Phuong Le flower, poinsettia, ... has partially met the needs of production.

            * The Center have researched and completed many technological processes for the selection and breeding of flowers: The technical process for growing Carnation; technical process for growing Daisy; technical process for growing and caring Peach blossom; technical process for growing and caring Gerbera; technical process for growing and caring Rose, technical process for growing and caring Orchid, technical process for controlling simultaneous flowering Dancing lady orchid (Oncidium); technical process for growing and caring Gladiolus; technical process for growing Lily; The technical process for growing Trumpet lily;

                * Transferred the technical processes for local and grassroots production, and built many models for producing high quality flowers at Center and local (model of Orchid production with high technology; production model of Gladiolus, commercial Trumpet lily...), which brings higher efficiency from 1.5 to 2.0 times higher than normal.

           * Organized annually 2-3 training classes, technical training for growing and caring for staff, workers, farmers at the Center and appointed experts to the training for local officials.

* Wrote books, technical documentation about planting, caring and guiding to select, display and decorate flowers, ornamentals (lilies, peach blossoms, apricot blossom, orchids, carnations, gladiolus, trumpet lily, chrysanthemum, anthurium....);